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Since 2007

We are placed an objective “to simplify the technology”. In 2010 we decided to go beyond and we become a group with three specialistic divisions (AppInNet, Brandoor, Neabit), eachone with its pool of professionals who give us various pre-existing truths, bringing us many years of experiences on a national level and international. We believe that having a single referring person that interact with all specialistic division inside our company is the easiest way for the customer to reach wanted results without having many companies to do the same in a caotic scenario.

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Strong point.

What is different in Semplitech from other companies on market? Here are some some points that we think make us unique

Custom software

We are ableto develope any kind of software tailored on several different platforms

Corporate identity

To give a professional image through all communication materials

Evolven services

A large range of own SaaS services, specifical and innovatives for many kind of companies

System integrators

We can integrate our software with other informatics system yet present in your company


Wrap up and show services and products in various way different from conventional one

Tailored hosting

World wide domain registration, dedicated servers, custom e-mailboxes and hosting

Mobile app

We project and develope app for every kind of device like smartphone or tablet

Own brand

Became your own brand recognizable and strong on product series

Cloud services

Flexible and quickly adaptable are our cloud and VPS services

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Competitive advantage

With professionals in our company with over 15 years of experience in Latin America and Italy, we are able to understand the needs , behaviors and cultural attitudes of customers in each country in which we worked.
In so doing our experience and international knowledge in every job we do, large or small, operating in the local market and abroad.

We always start from the objectives that the client wants to achieve and with our vision and experience, a bit ' out of the traditional mold , we can give you that extra edge that comes from our history to achieve them.

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We reach the goals effectively and originality.